© Apartment Mizar - Wijnkade 2 G - 3011 VZ Rotterdam  The Netherlands  +31(0)6 21225013
Apartment Mizar Rotterdam
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Gorgeous 2-9 persons Loftboat Apartment in Rotterdam
Apartment Mizar
Wijnkade 2 G
3011 VZ Rotterdam
The Netherlands
+31(0)6 21225013



Paste in Google Earth: 51°54'59.79"N, 4°29'1.21"E
(Latitude: 51°54'59.79"N, Longtitude: 4°29'1.21"E)

By metro 10 min. to Rotterdam Central Station,
By car 15 min. to Rotterdam Airport, 45 min. to Amsterdam.
By metro and train 45 min. to Schiphol Airport, 60 min. to Amsterdam.

Further information: mizar@dds.nl  We´ll respond sap

Apartment MIZAR Rotterdam - Free information on availability


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Mizar Living 2 pers apartment
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Mizar in De Wijnhaven Rotterdam